Apoyo a Gente Emprendedora A.C.





Period  July 1st to September 30th, 2010

During the third quarter “Apoyo”, with support from Feed the Hungry  continued establishing new values and new habits for nutrition at home in addition to the meals the children receive at school, by providing training, mentoring and raw materials for the creation of family vegetable gardens in ten rural communities.
List of Communities
Clavellinas, San Francisco, Rancho Viejo, Las Cañas, Los Ricos, La Cuadrilla, La Campana, Palo Colorado, Palmilla, Pozo de Balderas.
Guadalupe Cerritos, coordinator of Family Garden Program, visited all ten communities each week delivering seeds and materials, providing advice and support. During the third quarter we had 130 visits to the ten communities. As a result of these visits, rural villagers have learnt how to grow vegetables in small plots with the goal of feeding their own families and expanding the traditional diet of corn and beans to include tomatoes,carrots, squash, lettuce and beets etc. As part of the original plan, we wanted to start 70 vegetable gardens in our program, due to the interest and initiative of the communities. We have started 87 gardens.People in the communities have started transforming not only their nutrition but also transforming their environment.

Part of the mission of the program is to  bring families together and make a connection between parents and Children.  This is the case of Fabiola, a gardener in Los Ricos de Abajo and her son, the whole family having good food to eat.  

                                                                       BEFORE / AFTER

At the same time of working in the villages, “Apoyo” started collaborating with different groups in order to have a more efficient program in our communities.

·         Apoyo continued feeding the relationship with SEMARNAT, “Secretaria de Marina y Recursos Naturales”, a federal government department that provided 200 manuals in 2009 for the Implementation of the family gardens program. In the month of September, 2010, Apoyo was given 100 additional manuals for the expansion of the program in 2011. 
·         Additionally “Apoyo” was supporting, mentoring and advising the Community Church of San Miguel in their gardens program in the village of Sonavar.
·         Via Organica, Global Justice, and Mujeres Productoras, three local organizations visited our gardens in one village with the purpose of helping Apoyo in getting sources of seeds, as well as offering their services for the benefit of our women.
·         Feed the hungry initiated a teaching program on nutrition in the 10 communities where the gardens have been established.


87 vegetables  Family Gardens
Carried forward         $8,527.54
DONATION FTH     $15,000.00
                   TOTAL $23,527.54

 EXPENSES                                         JULY            AUGUST       SEPTEMBER       TOTAL                              
Transportation                                    $2,500.00     $2,000.00         $2,000.00          $6,500.00                
(SMA to 10  Communities)
 Coordinator                                         $4,000.00      $3,200.00       $3,200.00          $10,400.00               
 Tools                                                     XXX            XXX               XXX                     XXX
(Shovels, rakes, beaks,etc)
Seeds                                                    $441.00                                 $ 306.50               $747.50                                                    
Training (workshops, conferences)    $1,000.00                                                         $1,000.00           
Meeting SEMARNAT Mexico City                                                       $2,625.00           $2,625.00
10 Water recolectors  for Clavellinas                      $1,000.00                                     $1,000.00
Material for fences                                 xxx            xxx               xxx                  xxx                                       
( meters wire mesh)
Office expenses                                                          $500.00          $127.00                $627.00                         
(copies, manuals and other workshop needs)                        
                               TOTAL               $7,941.00        $6,700.00           $8,258.50             $22,899.50

                                                                                                                  Surplus                $628.04